History Of India and Michael Wood

Many people from India continue to be impressed by Michael Wood and his BBC mini series (aired a while ago – in 2005).  However, the discussions that Mr. Wood has had right after the airing, exposes his real intent.  The segments relating to Rig Veda leads one to believe that it is a proven fact that Rig Veda was composed outside of India.  However, Mr. Wood did not present many evidences that were available at the time of the airing of the series that cast a very strong doubt on the theory – the discovery of the dried river bed of Saraswati, lack of mention of any migration in Rig Veda, the discovery of horse bones in Sindu-Sarasvati settlements, the relative insignificance of horses in Rig Veda – just to mention a few.

This segment relating to Rig Veda from History of India is being promoted frequently on the web as proving that Rig Veda and Sanskrit is not from the subcontinent.  This blog “Sanskrit is not Hindu language nor Rig Veda” exposes the real intent of such argument.

My complaint is not necessarily against Michael Wood or his followers, but people of Indian origin who feel it is necessary to agree with analysis like this – it started with Max Mueller and continues to-date.  Our culture and knowledge is strong and rich enough that we don’t need others to endorse us in any way.