Mimicry, mockery or mumukṣutva? A response to Deepak Sarma, by Jeffery D. Long

In an Huffington Post essay, Deepak Sarma makes an untenable claim that “White Hindu Converts cannot ever be, or experience anything like, Diaspora Hindus”.  He seems to claim that one must have experienced colonialism to experience Hinduism.   For me, this essay illustrates how modern Hinduism was influenced by colonialism and does not resemble the philosophy of Vedic Dharma.

There were many critiques of  this professor of an esteemed university (as evidenced by the comments at the bottom of the post at Huffinton Post), but  this response by Jeffery D. Long, professor of Religious Study at Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania was profound.   This response aptly challenges the premises of Mr. Sarma’s hypothesis  and superbly illustrates Dr. Long’s understanding of vedic philosophy (even though he called it Hinduism, I would prefer to call it Vedic Philosophy).

Original Essay by Deepak Samra:  White Hindu Converts: Mimicry or Mockery?